AAP brings nearly 25 years of experience delivering quality services to our clients. From basic commercial plumbing or HVAC projects to intricate process piping installation projects, our professional staff has the expertise to deliver quality results.

Plumbing is something that is easy to take for granted. It’s one of those matters where you don’t notice how much of a role it plays in your daily life until it stops working or something goes wrong. The fact that we can simply walk up to a faucet and expect hot water to come out every time we turn the handle is all thanks to plumbers. The modern lifestyle we currently enjoy would be impossible without the knowledge and skills these professionals possess. Plumbing isn’t only for the collection, transportation, and dispersal of clean water, it can also be used to remove liquids and waste. Plumbers work to ensure that plumbing systems perform waste disposal in an efficient and safe manner. This makes it possible to separate your clean water from harmful contaminants. When plumbing is done poorly, it could allow for those contaminants to leak into undesirable areas, posing a danger to anyone nearby. Whether you are about to renovate your home or you just don’t understand what the previous owner was thinking you’re probably wondering, “Can I run water pipes through my attic?” We’ve researched the best practice for installing water pipes in a home to answer whether pipes can be run through the attic, find more info on how to improve your attic. Running a water pipe through your attic is possible and actually much more common than you might expect. Depending on where you live and the climate that your home is exposed to, indoor attic piping may be the best and safest option for a property owner. Throughout this article, we will give you an insight into the many benefits of running your water pipes through your attic. Please keep reading as we discuss the cost-effective ways you, as a property owner, can maintain pipes and provide recommendations on best practices for the initial installation.

Capabilities Include

License Types

  • Engineering
  • Design-Build / Assist
  • 3D CAD / BIM Detailing
  • Pre-Construction / VDC
  • In-House Pre-Fabrication
  • All Commercial & Industrial Project Types
  • Full MEP Construction
  • C-36 Plumbing
  • C-4 Boiler
  • Hot Water Heating & Steam Fitting
  • C-16 Fire Sprinklers
  • B-1 General Contractors License



Creative solutions, cost-effective designs, and reliable performance is our engineers’ commitment to you. We focus beyond the initial installation to ensure that your system is designed to last and function reliably for many years under varying conditions and requirements. Our engineers utilize the experience of our commissioning and service professionals to design systems that will be serviceable and perform efficiently for the long term. Our engineering staff will work with your design team and contractors to guarantee you are provided with the best design to meet your requirements and that it is complete, coordinated and code compliant.


As technology plays an increasing role in the design and analysis of the building process, the staff at AAP are on the cutting edge, offering Building Information Modeling (BIM) coupled with Trimble Total Station we are effectively bringing BIM to the field. Our seasoned industry professionals utilize the technology to provide better collaboration, estimates, and efficiency to each project every step of the way. From simple loft apartments and parking structures to complex hospitals and laboratories, our certified staff produces superior quality 3D CAD drawings.


Our Mechanical services range from small to large plumbing and hydronic piping systems. We specialize in the design and installation to provide a quality system while reducing operational costs. We install heating hot water and chilled water systems, steam, condenser water, dx (refrigeration piping), emergency generator exhaust, radiator piping, coil hook-ups, boiler, chiller, pump hookups in addition to all commercial and industrial plumbing system applications.


AAP offers tenant improvement and retrofit services meeting all ADA requirements with professional standards. Sensitive to the unique challenges of accommodating schedules and needs of an occupied building. We are the preferred partner for tenant improvement throughout Southern California.


With a fleet of qualified, fully equipped personnel, AAP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve your plumbing service needs. From preventative maintenance service plans to unexpected emergencies, our service team has the expertise and foresight to get your facility back online and ensure it stays that way.

Experience in All Facets of Plumbing and Mechanical Piping

  • Healthcare/OSHPD
  • Science Laboratories
  • Mixed Use/Lofts
  • Food/Beverage Processing
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Central Plants
  • Elementary-High School
  • Universities
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Engineering
  • Design Build Projects
  • Design Assist Projects
  • Parking Structures
  • Site Utilities
  • Core and Shell